Pre/post departure help

Pre Departure:
We understand that it is very difficult for any student to leave the comfort of their home country and get settled in the foreign environment. Students may face hassles regarding the immigration, airport pick-up, luggage, new place, making new friends, understanding them and knowing their expectations etc. We conduct a pre-departure briefing session for every student where we guide about the things they should take along, whom to contact in case of emergencies, what to expect in the foreign country, their culture and living style, Bank Accounts, Part-time jobs etc. We are available to help over email or phone even if a student feels uncomfortable after reaching and needs assistance.

Post Departure:
Our dedicated team of international program coordinators provide adequate post-landing support to ensure the student goes through a smooth transition in a foreign land. We provide practical services such as facilitating the candidate’s accommodation, picking them up from the airport and making sure they are settled in their rooms. We also provide comprehensive guidance on how to look for appropriate part-time jobs and give pointers on the work culture in the respective country. We keep in touch with candidates for the duration of their education and equip them to face potential challenges they may encounter in a foreign land. Once candidates have completed their course in selected countries, we work with them to avail work permits and a residency status. We aim to become a trusted advisor that students to, during and after the course of their overseas study.

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